I’m Mandy,

A Project Manager, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & former Culinary Pro

I know what it’s like to spend hours trying to figure out how to run an online business.

Building courses, sales funnels, and landing pages hours into the night. Losing precious time and money troubleshooting and watching tutorials to be left frustrated with questions unanswered. 

The good news is- it doesn’t have to be this way. 

The One Who Can Help

I'm Mandy Peterson. A wife, business owner, and supporter of wellness professionals. I am also a:
  • Former Private Chef

  •  Voracious Audiobook Reader 🎧 

  • Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

  • ENFP and Enneagram 4 🦄  
  • Former Executive Director of a non-profit for artists

  • Creative (Culinary, doodle-art, gatherings) ✍🏼 
  • Online Culinary Instructor 

Food became my art, my expression of service, and my path to physical healing. I continued my education through online platforms such as The Nutritional Therapy Association and courses like Culinary Creators Business School (formerly known as Cooking Class Business School) and discovered a convergence of my passion for culinary nutrition and the online education space. 

Connect with Mandy

Having a knowledgeable project manager will allow your business to grow even while you’re not working. 

In my own culinary nutrition business, utilizing evergreen content allowed me to serve more people, save time, and increase revenue. 

You should know that I’m not just another Virtual Assistant - clients have trusted me to: 

  • give knowledgeable input into important aspects of their business 🗣
  • take lead on entire course set ups ✏️
  • compose and send email broadcasts on their behalf 📧

I create each project with the utmost care and want to help you increase revenue and save time doing it!

I need a project manager!

"I would (and already have) recommended Mandy to others for project management and course development!"

- Shefaly Ravula, PA-C

"I would highly recommend Mandy for any creative needs and plan to use her again for future projects."

- Kelly Rice, (F)NTP, RWP

"I would absolutely recommend Mandy for others to work with. She is friendly, relational, and thoughtful with a creative attention to detail."

- Joey O'Connor

When you trust the person your working with, you can see the results carry over into the rest of your life.

You can DIY your digital offerings, but let’s be honest…it takes time.

You’ve gotten use to being scrappy in your business, but it can be exhausting without help. Things begin to pile up and you end up working overtime. 

If you’re waiting to have more hours in the day, you may be waiting for a while. 

You can show up as a more relaxed and stress-free version of yourself.

It starts with slowing down. Getting real about the things you could use help with. When you slow down - in your work, personal life, and mind - that’s where change can begin. 

You hold the keys to your business destiny. I can provide a road map for the journey. 

If you’re ready to have support & grow your business...
Let's talk!